ChapterTracker is the result of a lot of experience in networking groups and really captures important information in a reasonably easy manner. Other methods require a lot more effort and don't provide the reports and insights. Good job! This tool will help members be much more effective with their relationship marketing.

Emile E. Paradis, Owner
Referral Institute - Atlanta, GA

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About ChapterTracker

Learn the true value of networking

We've been there. Over a period of about five years, we developed larger and more elaborate spreadsheets for tracking member participation. Visitors to our chapter meetings were impressed with our statistics, and other leaders asked us to share our spreadsheets and experience…sharing is much easier than building from scratch.

ChapterTracker will provide you with more specific, more valuable insight. Our program design will fit the majority of networking groups. If your methods differ in a way that is difficult to accommodate with the program as is, we will work with you as much as possible to bring you the benefit of ChapterTracker.

We certainly invite you to submit your own ideas for enhancements. If you have an existing program that provides a feature ours lacks,
we will certainly consider all options. This version is only the beginning...

The ChapterTracker program found its start in the need for a simple, yet powerful, tool that can be handed off from one leader to the next. From this personal quest, we now see far-reaching possibilities for analysis of trends and networking relationships. As our number of member chapters grows, we have some very exciting plans.

We are setting out on a journey, and we hope you'll join us!

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