You don't know where you're going as a chapter unless you can track where you are and where you’ve been. ChapterTracker has given us an easy and quick method of measuring ourselves—which in turn gives us the tools we need to improve as a chapter. Impressive!

Joel Thain, CISSP, CCNA
IntegriCom, Inc. – Atlanta, GA

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About ChapterTracker

Do you pass referrals or revenue? Paper or cash?

The Referral Marketing Association (Refma) provides an objective, third-party view of business networking. We seek to better measure the results of networking in a real-world environment. True, many leaders in the field of referral marketing have tremendous experience and a general feel for the factors that impact success…but we like to see the numbers.

Refma does not generate referrals directly or act as a local networking organization. We are simply redefining and raising expectations.

Members of chapters that subscribe to the ChapterTracker program are automatically members of Refma. Parent organizations, please contact us about membership.

Jay F. Rowland

Mr. Rowland also serves as President of J.F.R. Enterprises, the parent company of Refma. He leverages 20+ years of experience as a marketing executive, financial analyst, and entrepreneur to set businesses on a more clearly defined path to growth and profitability. Mr. Rowland possesses a unique ability to boil down complex situations and ambiguous issues into meaningful information that aids decision-making. He has worked in a variety of industries on a wide range of projects and has conducted literally thousands of research interviews.

Mr. Rowland's academic background includes a BS in Management from the Georgia Institute of Technology and an MBA from Emory University.

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